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GOLD LINE series

optimizing – perfection – “sound dream”....

... was the mission, developing the GOLD LINE series. Compared with the SILVER LINE, the construction is again refined. The WSS anti-string array technology and the WSS compound shielding is the same. Superior isolation materials and an optimizing of the conductors capacity - and inductivity - values gives even more outline with bass, clearer mid-band frequency, extra fine resolution in the highs and even a wide, stable sound-stage image.

The substantial characteristic of the GOLD LINE cable series lies in the structure of the signal conductors. The frequency spectrum is submitted through different conductors diameters. The conductors are oxygen-free high conductivity (OFHC) copper with different wire thickness. All our cables (the GOLD LINE) are multi solid core cables, which means each single conductor is galvanic ally separated over the whole cable length and get combined in the plug.

Using a extremely complex manufacturing method, the conductors are intertwined moving in opposite directions with dedicated angles ( S – Z – S braiding).

This special braiding (anti-string) guaranties very low values for inductivity and also for capacity. The values are nearly constant over the whole frequency spectrum. In addition, this technique guaranties a very low production tolerance to reproduce anytime at the same quality level, using reproducible methods, which allows to use high end isolation materials.

The conductor diameters are 0,3 - 0,4 - und 0,5 mm. The single wires are braided following WSS anti-string array geometry, the solid core is done by using polypropylene monofils between the wires and Mylar foils between the layers.

The primary isolation for the loudspeakers cable is a special HD polyethylene with very low dielectricity constants. This guaranties very low signal losses, and a maximum speed for the signal transmission. The NF-cable has as primary isolation, a foamed LD polyethylene with extreme high amount of air, minimal zed dielectric constant and optimized insulation thickness. A high foaming degree is produced, using the „FOAMSKIN“ extrusion technique, which gives also a rigid and smooth surface.

The optimum shielding technique for the NF- cables is the WSS compound shielding. This compound shielding delivers very good results, in shielding electrical (high frequency) as also with static disturbance. The shielding material is an aluminium-Mylar foil combined with copper tinned mesh. The combination of the foils with the mesh in a special manner guaranties 100% shielding.

The braiding of the single conductors through a specific loudspeaker or NF-cable is done using dedicated angles. They are arranged around a core. Finally the cable becomes a special banding and a coat of thermoplastic and a textile mesh with a golden thread.

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